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At ProCare Work Injury Centers, we form a partnership between the employer, employee and insurer to minimize the risk of work related injury and provide the best, most comprehensive medical care and services in Orange County since 1983. Our clients include Federal, State, County and Fortune 500 companies.

We provide direct communication between our staff and your employees to deliver the highest quality medical care possible for your business or organization. Our physicians offer a full scope of occupational medicine services designed to help reduce healthcare costs, while minimizing lost work time and increasing employee productivity. To accomplish these goals, ProCare is outcome focused and provides medical care on an urgent or appointment basis for occupational injuries and illnesses. We will also design modified work and rehabilitation programs to enable injured employees to return to work as soon as possible.

    Our current clinics serve: 


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    Our MPN Partners...

    We particpate in over 20 Medical Provider Networks to ensure coverage for our clients' injured workers. Here are some of our MPN partners:

    Clinical Equipment

    X-Ray Diagnostics


    We offer fast and convenient radiology services at all of our clinics. Whether you have a fracture, you’re injured at work, or you need an X-ray for any other purpose, we are here to help.

    Casting Room


    A cast holds a broken bone in place as it heals. Casts also help to prevent or decrease muscle contractions, and are effective at providing immobilization, especially after a fracture.

    Physical Therapy


    Our Physical Therapists specialize in outpatient physical therapy, providing the highest quality service and dependability to our patients from our highly educated and experienced staff.

    Minor Surgical Suite


    For minor, non-life threatening procedures such as lacerations, we have complete surgical suites that are sterile and have the latest equipment to ensure a patients comfort and well being.

    Treatment Rooms


    All of our clinics have multiple treatment/consultation rooms that are clean, comfortable and equipped with the necessary equipment to handle any workplace injury. 

    Audiometry Testing


    Our on-site audiometric testing monitors an employee's hearing over time. It also provides an opportunity for employers to educate employees about hearing and the need to protect it

    DOT Drug Testing


    For minor, non-life threatening procedures such as lacerations, we have complete surgical suites that are sterile and have the latest equipment to ensure a patients comfort and well being.

    Pulmonary Testing


    Assessment of pulmonary function with a spirometer is increasingly a common practice in occupational medicine. Our certfied technicians offer complete testing on-site.

    Eye Slit Lamp


    We offer slit lamps, a microscope with a bright light used during an eye exam. It gives your physician a closer look at the different structures at the front of the eye to diagnose an injury.

    Qualified Medical Evaluations (QME)

    When an independent, objective medical examination is required to evaluate medical issues and assist in conflict resolution, ProCare Work Injury Center will address your needs with a superior quality, timely and accurate independent medical evaluation.


    Our Board-Certified QME examiners have extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of work-related disorders and injuries. This expertise makes them uniquely qualified to evaluate medical conditions related to occupational exposures and musculoskeletal disorders.


    We understand the importance of a high-quality QME in managing the medical, administrative and legal costs of workers' compensation, disability and personal injury claims.

        QME assists in:


        • Diagnosis and Treatment
        • Clarify Causal Relationionship
        • Define Current Medical Status
        • Evaluate Prognosis
        • Assess Maximal Medical Improvement
        • Assess Work Capacity
        • Clarify "Non-Medical" Issues
        • Medical Record Reviews

        Services include:


        • Board Certified
        • Expedited Appointments
        • Accurate, Thorough and Objective Documentation
        • Clear, Comprehensive Reports that Address the Issues
        • Timely reporting within seven working days

        Case Management Protocol

        We provide continuous open-line communication on a daily basis with our staff and your company's key personnel. The employer is notified on all initial injuries and on all follow-up status reports. For all missed or rescheduled appointments, the employee, employer, and insurance company are contacted immediately as part of case management to control "open insurance claims."


        Notifications can be done through a secured web site, email, fax or phone based on your preference.

        Medical Expert Witness Services


        Our physicians are also available to provide expertise in legal, administrative and legislative proceedings including trial testimony.


        Services include:


        • Preliminary evaluations and written reports
        • Medical case reviews with written opinions
        • Depositions
        • Trial testimony