Modified Duty Programs

ProCare works with employers and employees through educational programs and various health screenings to promote a healthier, safer workplace. Our services assist companies in creating a work environment that will minimize the probability of injury or accidents.


Custom Light & Modified Duty Programs

The light/Modified Duty Program ProCare develops on a case-by-case basis, represents an effort to minimize the length and costs of temporary total disability associated with a work related injury. These programs allow an employer to provide injured employees who cannot perform the full duties of their pre-injury job classification with work having limited physical requirements.


The benefits of using modified duty, where allowed by the treating doctor, are many – both for the company and the injured worker.  It has been proven that injured workers who return to work on modified duty until they are released from treatment and returned to full duty tend to heal 30% faster than those injured workers who sit at home until released.  Returning to work keeps the employee in the loop with co-workers. They must get up each morning and report to work just like they did prior to the injury.  They is part of the team, not left out because of their injury.


The company gains the experience and expertise of a valued worker. Even if the injured worker cannot perform some of their normal duties, the productivity gained by the part of their job that they can do benefits the bottom line.  Add in the fact that the indemnity benefit is reduced or eliminated altogether and the company wins again.

More services by ProCare

We work closely with your employer to make sure your pre-employment clearance is quick so you can start work as soon as possible.

Our drug Screening Program is an excellent resource in helping you decrease substance abuse in the workplace and pre-employment screening.

In the event of an employee injury, ProCare provides immediate and professional medical care to diagnose, treat and ultimately heal the injury.

Our physical therapists provide the highest quality service and dependability to our patients by providing a whole-body approach to meet the needs of each patient.

Audiometric testing monitors an employee's hearing over time. It allows employers to educate employees about their hearing and the need to protect it.

We measure how much air the lungs can hold and how well the respiratory system is able to move air into and out of the lungs.

QME Evaluations

.When an independent, objective medical examination is required to evaluate medical issues and assist in conflict resolution, we will address your needs.

We can provide employees with an array of wellness programs to keep them in shape and prevent any downtime due to illness or work-related injuries.