COVID-19 Testing

PCR Nasal swab testing

with one business day results now available

We are excited to announce a new lab partnership that allows us to deliver the gold standard PCR testing within one business day.

Employers need accurate and fast results to manage COVID risks in the workplace. in the past, Safety & Risk professionals had to decide between faster, but less accurate results from antigen testing, or waiting for more accurate results from PCR testing. Today, Akeso is excited to announce one-day turnaround on PCR testing. This more accurate test reduces potential costs from false positives, and our fast results reduce the cost of employees waiting at home for clearance. Combined with our Telemedicine and in clinic services, we provide fast and effective solutions to manage COVID risk end-to-end in the workplace.  

Since we only provide services to employers, there is no waiting in long lines with the general population. We collect samples while your employees are in their cars and all tests are preformed by a CLIA certified lab. We provide results direct to employers and manage all billing in compliance with the latest regulations covering workplace exposure. We also offer on-site testing for your teams in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Ventura County.

We are committed to helping our employers keep their businesses running through this pandemic. We have served the business communities around our clinics for nearly two decades. In response to this changing climate, we have added solutions like Telemedicine, workplace COVID screening, COVID testing, and management of COVID cases. We are happy to tailor programs to meet your needs as you work within the regulations to keep your businesses safe, functioning, and compliant.

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